Heat Transfer oil

Heat Transfer oil

Heat Transfer oil

(Vg 32, 46,68) Synthetic and Mineral

In closed, liquid-phase forced circulation systems equipped with expansion tanks and pressure relief valves with a maximum bulk oil temperature not exceeding 550oF (288oC), heat transfer oils 22, 32, 32/46 and 46 are recommended. It is important to eliminate air from the system before heating the oil to a proper temperature to minimize oil oxidation. Under all conditions, the expansion tank should be pressurized with an inert gas such as nitrogen.

Hot oil should not be exposed to air at any time. It is recommended to use Heat Transfer Oils 22, 32 and 46 in open, liquid phase, forced circulation heat transfer systems where the maximum bulk oil temperature does not exceed 374oF (190oC). Skin film temperatures can be estimated to be 50°F to 75°F above bulk oil temperatures in a properly designed and operated system.

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