Quenching oil

Quenching oil

Quenching oil

(Vg 32, 46,68) Synthetic and Mineral

Minerals :

It is a very important step in the heat treatment of metals and alloys. It is a method of adopting rapid cooling of a workpiece of metal to achieve hardness, strength, or toughness. This metallurgy process ensures the workpiece is very strong and avoids any failure in the application. Usually, people adopt air, oil, and water. Oils had excellent thermal conducting properties compared to water and air. The desired results could be obtained by using the right quenching oil in your process. The quenching process involved three stages i.e. vapour stage, boiling stage, and convection stage. The primary function of quenching oil is to harden the workpiece, and secondary ficntion is to enhance the bonding of particles within the metal. It avoids any distortion and cracking at a later stage during its application Different types of quenching oil are being used in the industry, and we are here to help you to achieve desired results by selecting the right product for your application.

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