Turbine Oil

Turbine Oil

(Vg 32, 46,68) Synthetic and Mineral

In order to meet the correct physical requirements, turbine oils must retain their natural ability to resist oxidation and corrosion. Due to the increase in bearing loads, generator capacities, and temperatures, as well as the reduction in oil reservoirs, lubricant performance became much more important.

Since straight mineral oils no longer had a long shelf life, chemical additives and higher quality base oils were required to make oils perform better. It is important to understand that proper system maintenance is just as important as having good oil quality.

By not maintaining the system properly, your lubricant will wear out sooner, your waste oil streams will increase, your turbine bearings will wear out faster, and your profit per kilowatt will be lower. We provide a variety of lubricants such as Castrol, Mobil, Servo, Mak, Eni and Volvoline among others.

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