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EDM Oil Distributers

Welcome to The Pride, your trusted partner for EDM oil solutions. As one of the leading EDM oil manufacturers, we offer a wide range of high-quality oils that are designed to meet the demanding requirements of different industries. Our EDM oils are formulated to provide maximum performance and durability, ensuring that your machines run smoothly and efficiently.

What is EDM Oil?

EDM (Electric Discharge Machining) is a manufacturing process that uses electric sparks to erode the metal and create intricate shapes and patterns. EDM oil is used as a dielectric fluid in this process, which is a non-conductive liquid that prevents arcing between the workpiece and the electrode. EDM oil also acts as a coolant and a lubricant, ensuring that the process runs smoothly and efficiently.

Our EDM Oil Supplier

We offer a wide range of EDM oils abd Specialty Oil Supplires that cater to different industries’ needs. Our portfolio includes:

Grades 2, 3 and 4 Electric discharge machining oil is a metal removal process from the workpiece by controlled electric discharges. The cutting tool and job are both insulated by an excellent dielectric fluid.

It has been formulated with excellent oxidation resistance properties, which would eventually improve the dielectric strength of the fluid. It has been formatted with a very high flash point to eliminate fire during the cutting process.

It has very low viscosity to ensure good reach through tiny gaps and more fast flow at surfaces.

Application : Used in finish cut electrical discharge machining operation  Recommended in tool and die shops, electronics, and aircraft components  Used in the Jewellery making process, tools and fasteners making industry, glass grinding application So please do contact our sales team to assist you with the right product for your Lubricant Oil Manufacturers in Coimbatore

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EDM oil is used as a dielectric fluid in the electric discharge machining process. It prevents arcing between the workpiece and the electrode, and also acts as a coolant and a lubricant.

There are several types of EDM oil, including synthetic EDM oil, mineral EDM oil, and bio EDM oil.


Choosing the right EDM oil depends on several factors, including the type of machining, the speed of the process, and the materials being machined. Contact our experts to help you choose the right EDM oil for your application.

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