Rust Preventive Oils

Rust Preventive Oils

Short term, long term protections

Rust preventive grades have been developed for multiple applications with the following value addition


It has an easy flow tendency consisting of thickness agents, rust inhibitors, water removal additives, base oil, everything carried by solvent.  After application, solvent gets evaporated, a thin and very soft film is created on the metal surface. It ensures all possibilities of moisture from the surface

In modern industry, rust and corrosion play a vital role in increasing the cost of the end product and customer purchase price. This is a burden on end-product pricing, and hence utmost care should be taken to reduce or eliminate at end product by using excellent rust and corrosion preventive oil.

Based on end customer preference, we can use it for a long period or short period of protection using the best rust preventive oil. Our salesperson would be happy to assist you in selecting the appropriate rust preventive oil. Kindly contact us for the best product with quick service.

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